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March 1


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Unwanted in a static world, we do what we can to survive. We steal. We kill if needed. Our master's command is law if we wish to survive, and no one gets in our way.

The black and white wolf with the scar, sat in the dark room, silently watching the screens, waiting. He impatiently tapped his front paw on the cement floor to an unsteady rhythm and he glanced at the numbers in the corner of the screen. Three minutes past four… the visitor was late… Just as the scarred wolf turned his head from the camera recordings, the door in the back of the room creaked open, and the visitor stepped through.
“I’m very sorry for being late, Salin,” The visitor whispered, his quiet voice shaking.
Salin made no noise, simply making a slight nodding motion and after hesitating, the visitor went on.
    “I really am sorry. My last dream reading job ran late. I-”
This time Salin did cut him off, “I understand, but I called you here to interpret the future. Not to listen to you ramble on about your problems.” Salin paused, sliding the remote that sat on the floor beside him so that it was in front of his body, and he clicked the green button in the middle with his claw. A flash lit the room, and once focused, the screens showed the recording of a camera that was attached to the side of the building. Salin gestured to the light grey wolf that was running across the screen. “He is the one?”  
The visitor closed his eyes shut for a moment, and when they opened again, they glowed, and his voice became monotonous. “Yes. If any, he is the only one that you should view as a threat.” He paused. “He is the only one out of all of those Serpents that pose a threat to you or your plans.” After another pause, his voice returned to normal along with his eyes ceasing to glow. “If you were to take care of the issue now, then he will cause no problem later on. After all, the dead have nothing compared to the power that you possess.”  
Salin quietly chuckled and then cleared his throat, “Flattery will get you nowhere...That will be all…”
The visitor bowed his head politely and started to turn around…but he did not get very far.
“Wait,” Salin said, his voice echoing throughout the small room, not needing his to raise his voice. The visitor turned back to face him. “I appreciate that you helped, but you were still late.” A large smile spread across Salin’s face and he slid the remote across the floor.
“Hu? I-I thought you said that you unders-stood!” At this point, the visitor’s body was shaking uncontrollably and his fur was standing on end.
“Yes, I did,” Salin paused for a moment, still with a malicious smile on his face and he turned to face the visitor. “But never did I say that I wouldn’t kill you.”
Before the visitor had time to react, a sharp, black object flew at him from the corner of the room. He was dead before his body hit the ground.

“79, 42, they’re catching up, let’s go!”  101 yelled over the shouts and curses of the guards.
“Yeah we realized,” 79 called back, “but it’s not like they could do anything if they caught us,” he raised his voice at the end making sure that the pursuing guards could hear.  The curses from behind them got louder and less polite. They heard him.
“And,” 42 added on, “once we get past that fence, we’ll be in neutral territory. It’ll be easy to escape these half-breeds. Now let’s go.”  The three ran on, the bags of loot bouncing on their backs as they quickly closed the amount of space between them and safety.  Bullets whizzed by the trio’s bodies, missing them sometimes by less than a tail length, but they continued to run at a steady pace, unfazed by possible death.
Suddenly, without warning, 101 slid to a stop and she tossed the bag with her mouth to 42 who slid to a stop soon after. “What are you doing-?!” 42 yelled to her, slightly out of breath.
101 flashed him a smile, and a confident glint lit up her eyes. “Hey, I can handle this.” She then turned around, facing the guards and stopping 42 from objecting, which he wouldn’t have anyway. He knew that she was correct. Those half-breeds had no chance against her, no matter how fancy their artillery was. 42 then turned around with a sigh after picking up 101’s bag, and ran after 79.
The halting of claws on rock could be heard as the two guards closed in on 101 to an eventual stop. Her partners were both aware of a blinding light that came from behind them followed by the surprised screams of the guards who never saw it coming. A large smile formed on both 42 and 79’s face as they shook their heads. Now with nothing to carry, on her back, 101 caught up without much effort.
“Is that better?” 101 boasted.
42 chuckled, “Just take your bag back.” He tossed the bag back to 101 as she had done before to him. Together, they calmly jumped the fence to safety, not that they were in danger any longer anyway.

79 prologue cover by AzureSoleiL

Updated a few things and added the second part of it since last time.

Any critiquing would be much appreciated.

Also, from now on, as each chapter is uploaded, I'll try to post a picture that goes along with it since I can't draw it all out.  

Story belongs to :iconazuresoleil: AzureSoleiL

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Pizzatail Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
My Arceus, Azure! This is utterly amazing!! I can't wait to read the next part!
DjCherryFox Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Student Filmographer
Yes I love this already!
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